Contact the studio for information about wholesale orders.


Wholesale orders are available to qualified wholesale accounts. To set up a wholesale account please provide us with your State Resale ID number and your complete contact information, including store name and business shipping address.

If you would like to place an order, please email or use the contact form through the website to submit the required business information. We will then provide you with a link and password to access the wholesale catalog



1. First order minimum $500.00, 3 pieces. Reordering minimum is $400.

2. All orders are Prepaid. Payment can be made with Paypal, Visa or  Master Card

3. Shipping is UPS ground. Shipping rates vary depending on the size of the work ordered and the location of the shipment. The rates are generally 5-10% of order total.

4. Orders take 4-12 weeks for delivery. Holiday orders should be placed by August 30 for prompt delivery. No back up orders are accepted.

5. All pieces are one of a kind. Each series maintains stylistic consistency but size, color, and found objects incorporated will vary.

6. We ship UPS (UnitedParcel Service).

7. All sales are final. 

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